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A command-line frontend for guppy.

cargo-guppy provides a frontend for running guppy queries.


cargo-guppy is currently a work in progress, and not yet on To install it, ensure you have cargo installed (preferably through rustup), then run:

cargo install --git --branch main cargo-guppy

This will make the cargo guppy command available.


The list of commands is not currently stable and is subject to change.

Query commands

  • select: query packages and their transitive dependencies
  • resolve-cargo: query packages and features as would be built by cargo
  • subtree-size: print dependencies along with their unique subtree size
  • dups: print duplicate packages

Diff commands

  • diff: perform a diff of two cargo metadata JSON outputs
  • diff-summaries: perform a diff of two summaries

Workspace manipulations

  • mv: move crates to a new location in a workspace, updating paths along the way