Important Deprecation Notice

Due to the abundance of quality tools for creating 3D immersive, spatial audio, Meta is ending support of Audio360 suite on May 16, 2022. We provided the suite for free to ensure that content creators had excellent and easy-to-use authoring tools at a time when such tools were a rarity, and this need is now abundantly served. After May 16, 2022, the suite will no longer be available for download, and our direct support of the suite will end. However, the team will continue supporting external downloads of the Audio360 Encoder application, available on Windows and macOS for the foreseeable future.

Facebook Audio 360

Spatial Workstation

The Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation is a software suite for designing spatial audio for 360 video and cinematic VR. It includes plugins for popular audio workstations, a time synchronised 360 video player and utilities to help design and publish spatial audio in a variety of formats. For more information about the workflow see Spatial Workstation Workflow.

After downloading the Spatial Workstation from the link below, have a read of the Spatial Workstation User Guide on how to get started using the plugins. The FAQ and knowledge base have a number of articles on best practices and additional instructional guides.

Rendering SDK

The Rendering SDK can be integrated into an application and can be used to playback the .tbe files created with the FB360 Encoder. The Rendering SDK is available in the following forms all of which are included in the download:

  • Unity package
  • Cross-platform C++ library
  • Android Java API
  • Example integrations for ExoPlayer and FFmpeg


If you are experiencing an issue or have a question that you can’t find the answer to here then go to the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation group to get support from us and the community. Before posting an issue have a read through What To Include When Reporting an Issue as this will help speed up finding a solution.


The video above is the first of an ongoing series of tutorial videos, new videos can be found on this page.

An older series of tutorial videos can be found here. They show a previous version of the plugins so differ in appearance and are missing some features present in the current plugins though are still relevant in terms of most of the workflow.