Known Issues

Videos with FOA spatial audio and focus


Enabling focus on videos that use first order ambisonics causes spatialisation to fail.

Affected Platforms

The issue affects videos streamed on the Facebook website, iOS and Android apps as well as on Gear VR. Side-loading on Gear VR is also affected.


For the time being if you would like to make use of the focus feature we recommend using second order ambisonics or the spatial workstation 8 channel format for creating your audio (which is the default format in version 3.0 and 2.2.1 respectively of the Spatial Workstation).

Spatial audio in live videos on iOS


Live videos on iOS do not support spatial audio.

Video Player: Known Issues

The following table outlines the known issues with the Video Player:

Mode Issue Status / Workaround
VR View
On macOS Cmd + Tab
shortcut does not
work when Rift view
is open
(Being investigated)
Slave Video Playback:
VR Mode
Health and Safety
warning appears on
Oculus Rift DK2 and
does not disappear
with key press
Tap the side of the
Rift or shake it
VR Mode
On some computers
opening a video with
the Video Player
causes flashing black
and white bars to
appear on the Oculus
Rift DK2.
Mirror the displays
then unmirror them.
Moving the mouse
onto the Oculus Rift
display should stop
the flashing. Move the
mouse back and forth
between the two
displays. There will
be a mouse position
that causes the
display to show
Desktop Mode
Certain resolutions of
H.264 videos do not
wrap correctly and
display as a large

Plugins Crash or Fail to Load


Check if FB360_PluginShell.dylib exists:

  1. Open Finder

  2. Go to Go > Go To Folder.. in the menu bar (or press Cmd+Shift+G)

  3. Type /usr/local/lib

  4. Check if FB360_PluginShell.dylib exists in that folder

  5. If it does not exist, reinstall the Spatial Workstation

  6. If it does exist:

    1. Quit all open applications

    2. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/

    3. Paste:

      sudo chown -R "$USER":admin /usr/local/lib
    4. Hit return and enter your password if prompted

    5. Reopen your DAW

Disabling “Binaural Decode” Does Not Result in Stereo Audio

The plugins are meant to be used with “Binaural Decode” enabled at all times. Disabling that button will not result in you hearing stereo audio as what you are hearing is the “raw” audio that is used by our engine to decode into binaural.

If using a DAW other than Pro Tools, the binaural decoding must only be disabled when you are printing out your mix for delivery.