PyVelox: Python bindings and extensions for Velox

This library is currently in Alpha stage and does not have a stable release. The API and implementation may change based on user feedback or performance. Future changes may not be backward compatible. If you have suggestions on the API or use cases you’d like to be covered, please open a GitHub issue. We’d love to hear thoughts and feedback.


You will need Python 3.7 or later. Also, we highly recommend installing an Miniconda environment.

First, set up an environment. If you are using conda, create a conda environment:

conda create --name pyveloxenv python=3.7
conda activate pyveloxenv

Install PyVelox

You can install PyVelox from pypi without the need to build it from source as we provide wheels for Linux and macOS (x86_64):

pip install pyvelox

From Source

You will need Python 3.7 or later and a C++17 compiler to build PyVelox from source.

Install Dependencies

On macOS

HomeBrew is required to install development tools on macOS. Run the script referenced here to install all the mac specific dependencies.

On Linux Run the script referenced here to install on linux.

Build PyVelox

For local development, you can build with debug mode:

make python-build

And run unit tests with

make python-test