April 2023 Update


  • Add documentation on UnsafeRow serialization.

Core Library

  • Add support to adaptively disable non-productive partial aggregations. #4588

  • Add support for peeling past a loaded lazy layer of a vector.

  • Add support for companion function generation for aggregations.

  • Add support to suppress errors for unused arguments of null-propagating functions.

  • Add non-thread-safe memory usage tracking for cpu-sensitive use cases.

  • Add support for memory arbitrator framework and shared memory arbitrator.

Presto Functions

Spark Functions

Hive Connector

  • Add support for pushing down deletes into reader.

  • Add support to pushdown partition key when also used as a join key.

  • Fix map key pruning when all keys are filtered out.

Performance and Correctness

  • Enable coalesce in expression fuzzer.

  • Fix handling of errors during evaluation of switch expressions.

  • Fix memory leak in expression eval.

  • Make decoding of ConstantVector<bool> safer.

Build System

  • Add support to alert on changes in function signatures. #4461

  • Add support to run conbench benchmarks without docker.

  • Replace find_library with find_package for more robust dependency handling.

Python Bindings

  • Add bindings for constant and dictionary encoded vectors.


Aditi Pandit, Ann Rose Benny, Bikramjeet Vig, Chad Austin, Chen Zhang, Chengcheng Jin, Deepak Majeti, GOPU-Krishna-S, Ge Gao, Ivan Sadikov, Jacob Wujciak-Jens, Jialiang Tan, Jimmy Lu, Karteek Murthy Samba Murthy, Ke, Krishna Pai, Laith Sakka, Leo Yan, Mark Shroyer, Masha Basmanova, Open Source Bot, Orri Erling, PHILO-HE, Pedro Eugenio Rocha Pedreira, Pramod, Pranjal Shankhdhar, Pratyush Verma, Sasha Krassovsky, Sergey Pershin, Victor Zverovich, Wei He, Xiaoxuan Meng, Zac, akashsha1, ashokku202, joey.ljy, psbell-meta, usurai, xiaodou, xiaoxmeng, yangchuan, zhejiangxiaomai, zky.zhoukeyong