March 2024 Update


  • Document design philosophy

  • Document custom input generators and verifiers supported in the Aggregation Fuzzer.

  • Document runtime stats reported by the HashTable. #9255

  • Document usage of generic types in Simple Function API. #9084

Core Library

  • Add prefix-sort for fixed width sorting keys.

  • Add null behavior and determinism scalar function metadata to the registry. #9209

  • Add order-sensitive aggregate function metadata to the registry. #9050

  • Add support for DECIMAL type to Simple Function API. #9096

  • Add support for lambda functions (reduce_agg) to StreamingAggregation.

  • Deprecate threshold based spilling in Aggregation and OrderBy.

  • Optimize Exchange protocol used by Presto for latency. #8845

Presto Functions

Spark Functions

Hive Connector

  • Add support for S3 client no_proxy CIDR expression. #9160

  • Add support for synthetic columns ‘$file_size’ and ‘$file_modified_time’.

  • Optimize reading a small sample of rows. #8920.

  • Fix Parquet reader for files with different encodings across row groups. #9129

Performance and Correctness

  • Add nightly run of Aggregation fuzzer using Presto as source of truth.

  • Add nightly run of Exchange fuzzer.

  • Add utility to randomly trigger OOMs and integrate it into Aggregation and Join fuzzers.

  • Add group execution mode to Join fuzzer.

  • Add support for random frame clause generation to Window fuzzer.

  • Add custom input generator for map_union_sum Presto aggregation function.

  • Add custom result verifier for arbitrary Presto aggregation function.


8dukongjian, Amit Dutta, Ankita Victor, Bikramjeet Vig, Christian Zentgraf, Daniel Munoz, Deepak Majeti, Ge Gao, InitialZJ, Jacob Wujciak-Jens, Jake Jung, Jialiang Tan, Jimmy Lu, Karteekmurthys, Kevin Wilfong, Krishna Pai, Ma, Rong, Mahadevuni Naveen Kumar, Marcus D. Hanwell, Masha Basmanova, Nicholas Ormrod, Nick Terrell, Orri Erling, PHILO-HE, Patrick Sullivan, Pedro Pedreira, Pramod, Pratik Joseph Dabre, Qian Sun, Richard Barnes, Sandino Flores, Schierbeck, Cody, Sergey Pershin, Ubuntu, Wei He, Yang Zhang, Zac Wen, aditi-pandit, duanmeng, f0rest9999,, joey.ljy, lingbin, mwish, rexan, rui-mo, willsfeng, wypb, xiaodai1002, xiaoxmeng, xumingming, youxiduo,, zhli1142015, zky.zhoukeyong