October 2023 Update


  • Add documentation for simple UDAF interface.

  • Add blog post about reduce_agg lambda aggregate function.

  • Extend documentation for datetime Presto functions to explain handling of time zones.

  • Extend documentation for reduce_agg() Presto lambda aggregate function.

Core Library

  • Add spill support to Window, RowNumber and TopNRowNumber operators.

  • Add spill support after receiving all input to HashAggregation operator. #6903

  • Add spill stats to the output of printPlanWithStats.

  • Add logic to adaptively abandon partial TopNRowNumber if cardinality reduction is not sufficient. #7195

  • Add optimized version of Window operator for the case when inputs are already partitioned and sorted. #5437

  • Add support for order-able and comparable arguments to function signatures.

  • Add support for order-able and comparable arguments to the Simple Function interface. #7293

  • Fix Unnest operator to honor preferred_output_batch_rows configuration property and avoid producing huge vectors. #7051

Presto Functions

Spark Functions

Hive Connector

  • Add support for reading from Azure Storage. #6675

Performance and Correctness

  • Optimize spilling by switching to gfx::timsort (from std::sort). #6745.

  • Add support for disabling caching in expression evaluation to reduce memory usage via enable_expression_evaluation_cache configuration property. #6898

  • Add support for validating output of every operator via debug.validate_output_from_operators configuration property. #6687

  • Add support for order-able function arguments to the Fuzzer. #6950

  • Fix edge cases in datetime processing during daylight saving transition. #7011

  • Fix comparisons of complex types values using floating point numbers in the RowContainer. #5833

  • Fix window aggregations for empty frames. #6872

  • Fix GroupID operator with duplicate grouping keys in the output. #6738

  • Fix global grouping set aggregations for empty inputs. #7112

  • Fix aggregation function framework to require raw input types for all aggregates to avoid confusion and incorrect results. #7037

Build Systems

  • Add support for Conda Environments. #6282


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